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"Today scientists have bridged the gap between the medical and
cosmetic industry. Naturally derived Minerals containing "Titanium  Dioxide 
Zinc Oxide" are the latest cutting-edge in this cosmeceutical technology."                                                                                                                      Patricia
                                  Begin  by "Facing the Facts":
We  love that a summer tan imparts a healthy glow. It is true that a small amount of
sun is good for us... but we must proceed with both caution and protection.
UVA and UVB rays blast away at our Elastin and Collagen fibers (skin's underlying support network.)
Girls don't fret...we  have real help out there! One of our best protections is the 
newly refined sun blocks:  "Titanium Dioxide Zinc Oxide "which offer near total

Minerals...   Unique natural product containing high levels of  
                           "Titanium Dioxide Zinc Oxide." 
Free of...      Artificial fragrance, preservatives & synthetic color dyes. 
Healthy to wear... Will not block pores & virtually allergy risk-free.
Partner as Skin Care...  Anti-oxidant Vitamins A,C& E  retain moisture 
balance and protect against sun damage.

No wonder 'Minerals' have become the... 'Make-up Ingredient Du Jour'!

Mineral Foundations & Tints 
Enhance skin's appearance...with light-difffusing micro-mineral pigments that both reflect and refract light creating a luminoussoft focus
translucent finish.  
By enhancing radiance and luminosity... skin  looks younger, smoother and 
since Minerals expand and contract with your facial movement...
they will never settle into fine lines!

I offer several 'Skin-Caring Mineral-Based' cosmetics &
foundations,  to fit each client's specific needs.
​                               Mineral Collection... 

                                                  "Sheer Mineral Tint"SPF20                                               
                                        "Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation" SPF-15
                                           "Pressed Mineral Foundation Compact"                  
                                                      "Mineral Concealer Stick"
                            "Mineral: Eye Shadows - Blushers - Bronzers - Lipsticks"

Ladies In Closing:
As women, we are increasingly seeking effective ways to protect our skin and minimize the effects of aging... while enhancing our looks 
in the process. Keep in mind that... good skin = a good foundation. 
So, let's all  enjoy  living more...and aging later!
                                                                                                            Patricia McNaught