"Absolutely... we can significantly improve and certainly 
slow-down visible signs of aging.  Looking younger and more vibrant 
does not require a lot of time with today's cosmeceuticalanti-aging
                       skin rejuvenating solutions."   Patricia                                                                                       

 ​"Clinical SkinCare Collection"
   Pharmaceutical-grade,high potency concentrates. 
   Delivering maximum percentage of anti-aging ingredients, 
   chosen for their efficiency and purity... optimum results!

"Panthenol Facial Cleanser":
FOAMING,gentle soap-free gel helps re-hydrate during the cleansing process.            Panthenol, Collagen and Allantoin protect from moisture loss while all dirt and 
make-up are rinsed cleanly away.  For: All skin types.

"Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover w/Aloe Vera":
Oil-Free, non-irritating, Holistic formulation eye cleanser. Soothes eye area while    gently removeing all traces of eye makeup.

Vitamin C Protection Day Lotion SPF-15":
Light-textured daily moisturizer and sun protection with concentrated levels of 'stabilized' Vitamin C, fight free-radical damage and help prevent and reverse signs of aging.  Enhances skin radiance, brightens complexion, helps prevent dark spots while visibly repairing years of sun damage. For this reason... 
Vitamin C comes highly endorsed by Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons.

"Hydrating Crème Night Concentrate":
Thirst quenching moisturizer, hydrates cells with'Hydra Patch'TM  technology reaching
full saturation point with unprecedented... 24-hour protection!       Day/Night/Eye Care

"RetexturCREME Moisturizer Primer":
Light-textured, opalescent liqui-creme blended with plant extracts and Aloe Vera. Utilizes a 'Liposome System' delivering potent ingredients .Luxurious texture feels like silk and a protective barrier seals in moisture. 
May also be applied over make-up for a dewy... retexturized look!   Day and Eye Care

                                              Introducing: "The Peptides"

            Peptide solutions address all our aging concerns.
               If you want to delay invasive procedures... focus on
              formulations delivering non-surgical improvements.
                 Experience for  yourself the..."Power-of-Peptides!"

"PepToxylTM Wrinkle Relaxing Creme":
    "Peptide moisturizing powerhouse softens surface wrinkles and frown lines."

Featuring "MatrixylTM3000", a patented 'lipo-peptide' promoting Elastin and Collagen
production and helps facial muscles relax.
Clinical Tests revealed after 2 months use:

                                                                             -45% reduction in deep wrinkles
                                                                             +19.5% improvement in skin tone
                                                                             +16% improvement in lifting

"PepToxylTMProtection Day LotionSPF-30":
Daily protection against sun-damage, while improving skin radiance. Helps prevent Elastin and Collagen breakdown for plumper, firmer and more resilient skin tone. 

Ladies... I can tell you that these treatments are what every good skin relationship needs... communication with "cosmeceutical" strength formulations.
Corrective products that communicate with skin cells telling them to  peel, rejuvenate and repair from within!
As women, we are increasingly seeking effective treatments that protect our skin and help to minimize the effects of aging... using  proven 
modalities for optimal results. Anti-aging ingredients with the inclusion of Liposome's,  PeptidesHerbalsVitamins and Minerals is a natural approach to beautiful skin! 
 "I call this... 'astestic medicine' and I highly recommend  your  trying some of these latest 'Clinical Treatments'  and experience within a short amount of time these impressive improvements  
for yourself!"                                                                                                                          Patricia
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